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Online Booking

Please read the tabs and descriptions prior to booking your appointment

If you are a NEW client:

Please email your pictures of your hair prior to booking.  All appointments for

new clients not approved through email will be automatically cancelled.




Do you have a portfolio?

You can view my work online. My Instagram is @Nicolescurls. My Facebook is @Nicolescurls. You can also view my work on my website at

What is your availability?

My schedule is Wednesday thru Saturday. ​

Please contact me for exact hours.

Do you accept walk-Ins?

No, I am strictly appointment based. Occasionally there are last minute cancellations, and you may be able to get in on the same day.


What is a curly haircut?

A curly haircut is tailored to YOUR curls. The haircut is preformed dry, and where the curls live. Every head has a different shape, density, curl type, spring factor and porosity. I take all those factors into consideration while cutting your hair. The haircut is designed to bring out the maximum curl pattern for your hair.

What products should I be using?

I recommend all water soluble products, that will not build up in the hair, suffocate, or cause more damage . Products that are water solid tend to be light enough to be absorbed into the hair strand, and will rinse out of the hair without harsh shampoos.


Will I notice a difference right away?

Of course! You will notice a difference in shape immediately. If your hair is not properly hydrated prior to the appointment, it may take some time for the hair too reach the optimal hydration level. That is why it is important to use products that will properly hydrate the hair.


How do I need to come in for my curly cut?

Please come in with your hair down, AND dry. NO CLIPS, NO PONY TAILS. Hair must be styled how you naturally wear it when curly.

If your hair is not styled properly for the haircut, you will be charged an additional $50 fee, or will have to reschedule. 

If there is excessive tangling, there will be a $50 per hour fee to detangle the hair.

What does a Curly Haircut include?

You're curly hair cut will start with a one on one consultation, followed by a dry cut tailored to you. I will detox the hair, followed by a walk thru of your new wash and go lesson, too teach you how to achieve the best curl results at home. I will also go through product knowledge. At the end of the appointment I will give you a customized product regime you can follow at home to keep your curls looking great. 

What is a hair detox?

A hair detox is removal of all product, mineral build up, and oil.

Why do you detox the hair?

When there is build up on the hair, it will not allow moisture into the hair. By detoxing the hair I am able to remove the barriers that can be repelling the moisture or dulling the hair.

Do you do twist outs?

No, I only do wash and go's with my curly haircuts.

How do I book an appointment?

Please email me for availability

What forms of payments do you accept?

I accept all forms of payments.

Will I be able to do this at home?

Yes, I will teach you techniques to upkeep your hair at home.

How often do I need to come back for a haircut?

You can go anywhere from 4-6 months with your new shape. Depending on how much volume you are trying to achieve, if you have short hair, or in transitioning phases, you may need too see me sooner for a refresher. If you are growing your hair out, then you can go a little longer in between visits.


Can I book a consultation?

Absolutely, consultation are only 10 mins long. I cannot guarantee an appointment right after your consultation, make sure you book accordingly.

How long are hair services?

All hair services vary, depending on length and density of hair and type of services selected. Services can range from 10 mins for consultation to a couple of hours.

What if I need a trim?

A trim is haircut. The same techniques will be applied, the same ends will be cut. If you have had a first time curly cut, you have the option of having an express curly cut(dry cut only).

What if I wear my hair straight?

Curly haircuts are for the girls who wear their hair curly, in the natural state. Your curls bounce back in different ways, I have no control on how it would look like if you blow dry/flat iron as well. Although I have not seen too many inconsistencies in the hair when straightening, I can go back and check the curly cut wet/dry but that will be charged as an additional haircut.

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