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Lets Talk Silicones...


One of the most common ingredients found in products. Curly, Straight, and every texture in between.

Are silicones good? Bad? What exactly do they do for the hair? Which silicone is the best?

It depends on who you'r asking... If you are asking me I would tell you to stay away from silicone but I do understand some of my curly girls feel like they need them. So instead of telling you 'NO', I'm going to tell you why and then you can choose for yourself.


Your regular silicone and water soluble silicone. Both are rubber, plastic like material that seal the hair down. Both types of silicone smooth, seal and create shine. The water soluble silicone will actually dissolve in water and not give you as much build up on the hair like your standard silicone does.

When straightening curly hair, silicone can help you smooth out the hair, keep it smooth and create the shine.

On hot humid days(everyday in Florida), it may help seal the moisture in, and keep the hair a little less frizzer as the days go by. Silicones can also create weight into the hair which will translate to length, hold and shine. Depending on how you wear your hair there are many options. I would say its more of a trial and error to figure out what your hair likes, and what will work for you and your hair. Yes, it all sounds great but what do you do when the silicone seals your hair and you have no moisture left? Now your hair may stay kinda shiny, but its dry and brittle inside. How do you get more moisture in your hair when silicone is a water repellant? No matter how much you cleanse, condition, co wash and style you may still be having the same dehydration issues.


Regardless of the type of silicone you use, please use a proper cleanser to remove silicone. Co washing CANNOT cleanse the hair, you will need something a little stronger, and more in the line of a shampoo. If you are using a non water silicone you will have to cleanse with a clarifying shampoo, some people even use a shampoo that will carry sulfates just to strip the silicone out. As we know sulfates are very harsh on the hair and can actually cause more damage then good. I recommend you find a good clarifying shampoo to clear the silicones off of your hair strand. If the silicone is water soluble you will have more flexibility with the cleansers you can use since this silicone will rinse right out. I will say, I personally clarify my hair even when I use a water soluble silicone because I never feel like it is completely out. I will say I rarely use a silicone unless I'm trying out a product I'm not a big fan of how it leaves my hair and prefer maximum hydration at all times, especially in this crazy humid Florida weather.

Now that we know about silicones and what they do I want to get down to the facts...

Silicone does not provide any health benefits to your hair.

Silicones do not provide moisture.

It can help trap in moisture but will not add any extra, please make sure your hair is hydrated prior to use of silicone.

It can actually prevent moisture from getting into the hair.


Properly cleanse your scalp and hair.

Make sure to moisturize your hair AND keep it hydrated.


When your natural hair is healthy and properly moisturized, your hair will create its own shine. It will be less frizzy.

You DO NOT need oils, butters, silicones, etc.

The real problem with silicones is it will help your look good, create length, shine, but it is not doing anything for the health of your hair.

Using silicone is a personally preference.

On this journey you may see people pro silicone, against silicone, or using a little bit of everything.

That is okay.

Find what works for you.


Hair TIP*

If you hair is severally dehydrated, you can balance your hair out by doing moisture treatments. I recommend avoiding silicones until your hair is moisturized.

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