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Do you remember the oil spill commercial with all the beautiful animals and the wonderful soap that just stripped that oil away!? Well yea that’s like sulfates.

It will remove everythinggggggg.

Dirt, build up, Good oils, bad oils, keratin, moisture, and even our protein.

It will strip you clean and often times as a curly girl we opt out of shampooing because it is such a hassle to balance our hair out after using a harsh shampoo.

The good news.... there are plenty of sulfate free shampoos out there that are able to moisturize and cleanse at the same time.

These types of shampoos will maintain your hair's PH balance, keep the cuticle intact, and maintain your color.

 There are many sulfate free shampoos

on the market some will have a lather and some will not. Find what works for you!

It is super important to cleanse our scalp AND hair to remove previous build up of product, excessive oils, and minerals. In order to have a fresh start for our conditioners, and products. If not we will just build on top of the previous products, suffocating our hair, and not getting consistent results. Build up on the hair can eventually cause dryness and breakage. 

Before I end this entry, I cannot stress the importance of my next statement.


**Build up does not only happen on the scalp**

I promise you will thank me later.

If you have any questions, shoot me an comment, DM or email!


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