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The Start Of MY Hair Journey

 Growing up with curly hair lead me to spend most of my Saturday mornings in a salon. A typical dominican salon in Tampa, FL to be exact. Wash, rollers, blow-dry and sometimes maybe even flat iron with the crazy Florida humidity! An entire day could easily be spent in the salon. The older I got, the more control I wanted over my hair and eventually, that I got. I also received frizz, breakage and ALOT of heat damage because I did not know what I was doing.


I eventually enrolled in the cosmetology program at my high school, and learned everything about straight hair, and nothing about curly hair. I started to straighten my hair with keratins, smoothing systems, and high heat. I went through every color imaginable and always altered between my curly and straight hair. Used every single cheap product on the shelf, because quantity was more important than quality. Fast forward 10 years later, Memorial Day weekend 2014 my hair was so mistreated. I lost all my curl, elasticity, and 2/3 of my length and to make matters worse anytime you would touch it, it would literally break off. I swore off all heat, and started my journey to a whole new world. Over the first year, I tried every product on the market that was supposed to repair my hair, but my hair was too far gone to save. I dedicated time to cut my hair at least once every 3-4 week (I was avoiding the big chop) and started a deep conditioning regime. I stayed away from heat, and used a lot of protective styling. (Thank god for extensions, and wigs!).


It took me a year and 3 month to be exact to get rid of all the straight ends and to have the best curls I ever had in my entire life! There’s just something about losing something you always had to make you appreciate it. Over my curl journey I started to discover a passion inside of my passion; Curly hair. There nothing better than getting to practice what you preach! Over the last few years I have received training specifically tailed to curly hair, how to cut, style and color all while maintaining the integrity of hair. Who said you couldn’t have color AND healthy curls? I know I do! Look forward to meeting all my curly girls (and guys!).

Xoxo, Nicole.

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