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Why I Choose The Curly Girl Method

A couple years ago I was fed up with my hair being crazy, inconsistent good days, bad hair days, to much frizz or NO volume I started to look into the science behind the hair.

I. was. a. product. junkie.

You name it, I had it.

It smelled good, I bought it.

It looked good, it was mine.

I worked my way down the aisles of all the Walmart’s, Sally’s, CVS, Walgreens and targets (thank god for target and lets be real there wonderful return policy) all around town. Although I’m super thankful to have some knowledge behind these products since I tried them first hand, my bank account could probably done without.

About 3 years ago I was introduced to the curly girl method created by Lorraine Massey. This method was very simple, you applied your products a certain way, and you made sure your products were free of ingredients that would block moisture from getting into the hair and your hair would get better and better! Following the method and getting incredible results I want to share with you the main ingredients you will want to watch out for is sulfate, silicone, parabens and my favorite......... oils (I added that). Let me tell you why.

Sulfates- Strip the hair of everything, good AND bad.

Silicone- Coat and eventually suffocate the hair. Does not allow moisture in.

Parabens- placed inside products to preserve.

Oils- seal the hair, create barriers and do not allow moisture to penetrate the hair. 

Eventually the hair has been stripped of ALL moisture and natural oils, applying silicone onto the hair suffocating the hair and now you have dry hair, breakage, AND all the frizz you can imagine.  

Although this is my preferred method, this isn't the only method out there.

In my next few blog post, I will be going over these listed ingredients, and how to properly use them if you want to keep a non curly girl method regimen.

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